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Room for 100

Beijing House has about 100 tables. The venue is designed for couples, singles, smaller groups and bigger groups. We have open areas and more private areas. Window seats for those who like to enjoy the view outside, and more private areas further inside the venue, if you prefer more privacy and peace.

Reservations are normally not necessary for singles, couples or small groups. However, we recommend you to make reservations in advance to be sure you get a seat right away. Make your reservations by filling out the form to the left, or by phone:

22 20 42 06

Alternatively, you can send us an email request: post@beijinghouse.no. With reservations online, we are subject to availability. You will however be contacted by us in short time after we receive your reservation.

Hoping to see you soon :)


Opening Hours
Monday—Friday 11:00am—10:00pm
Saturday—Sunday 2:00pm—10:00pm
Lunch buffet
Monday—Friday 11:00am—1:00pm
Beijing House | Munchs gate 5, 0165 OSLO | Tlf. 22 20 42 06 | post@beijinghouse.no | Org.nr. 896 661 922

Beijing House er under oppussing i påskedagene.

Alle våre kunder ønskes velkommen til et friskt og nytt lokale 7. april.

Fortsatt god påske!

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