Spisegjester fra Kina

Long roots

The restaurant was established in 1969, as Norway’s first Chinese restaurant, named Peking House. We are proud that Beijing House has a long history to keep building on. At the moment you walk through the doors it is like walking through a portal to the other side of earth. The atmosphere is genuine and real—you are in Beijing.

A touch of Beijing

Beijing is an international city and gathers people with all sorts of nationalities. We are Beijing’s gastronomic portal in Oslo. This is the gathering of many Chinese inhabitants from the city, and Asian tourists always find their way to Beijing House. You are welcome to dine here. Besides our international Chinese menu, we also serve real Chinese dishes that can be found on a different Chinese menu.

For reservations, you can either use our booking form, call us at 22 20 42 06, or send an email to post@beijinghouse.no.

Welcome to Beijing House

Jimmy Lu
General Manager


Beijing House | Munchs gate 5, 0165 OSLO | Tlf. 22 20 42 06 | post@beijinghouse.no | Org.nr. 896 661 922

Beijing House er under oppussing i påskedagene.

Alle våre kunder ønskes velkommen til et friskt og nytt lokale 7. april.

Fortsatt god påske!

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